About Me

February 2019. Portland, Ore.
Hello! How are you? No really, how are you? I care a lot about you as a complete person, even if we have never met. That's why I'm currently the Director of Product and Design at GoCheck. I’m helping them make tools to check kids’ eyesight so they can have a better life. The thing I most care about in my work is humane design for all people, especially those most exposed by the product they are using.

I am voraciously curious. I like to understand how things work, and I love exploration for its own sake. My favorite thing to explore (other than reefs) is how people behave with new tools, rules or other human-made constructs. People’s own innate irrationality always makes for fascinating results!

Product Management and UX/UI has become my home over the last 10 years after spending a few too many years marketing products. The marketing days have allowed me to stay empathetic for the brand as much as the audience. I see myself as a “glue-guy” between user-focused, brand-focused and developer-focused needs.

My methods vary depending on the challenge, but central to any project is to take a bunch of inputs and create something tangible that can be tested, then refined, then produced. It isn't rocket science, but it still feels like magic.



My Favorite Methods

Stakeholder Interviews


Interviews are critical to the success of a project. They build rapport, reveal requirements, and allow me to start to speak the language of the team.

Audience Research


Depending on the challenge, understanding the end user can materialize in many ways. Some include direct observation, interviews, surveys, embedding into the work, and auditing current solutions.

Key User Flows &
User Journeys


Out of the requirements and research comes a clear picture of who the key users are and what the goals are for each group. I then construct paths-of-least-resistance for them to achieve the goals that can inform the rest of the experience.

Iterative Prototyping


Creating anything complicated requires iteration from broad gestures to minute execution. Prototyping combined with active user testing throughout is the only way I would recommend building functional interfaces. It also helps that I love it.

UI and Interaction Design


Once the user experience is to a place where it is successful in its own right, I work to combine functionality, brand and user style into an interface that grows with the user. I have my style, but that rarely works in the face of the real users and their motivations.

Developer Collaboration


The reward for doing everything right is being able to nurture the project through development and out into the hands of the audience. Developers are an integral part of the process and I truly enjoy working them to implement and augment the experience. I see it as an equal partnership with differing core competencies.




Give me a week and I’ll be ready to start all over again for v1.1.

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