Dell Streak GUI



The Stage
Cinco had been working with Dell on a number of projects, and Dell came to us to rethink Android 1.6 for a phablet—well before phablets even existed. Dell wanted a fresh take on the homepage with widgets, utility bar, screen switching, contacts, music and camera.

I took the lead on the design side and collaborated on UX.

Unique Challenges
The phone didn't exist outside of a physical model. Android wasn't built for phablets. And the skin had to work with existing apps and Android components.

My Role
UX: collaborated with team

UI: design, icons, final assets

Big Wins
After a number of revisions through delays on Dell's side, the main interface components released into the wild. The market wasn't ready for a 6 inch screen at the time, but Dell laid the foundation for creating forward design and engineering in the mobile space.

I personally found out that I loved working on interfaces through this project. While brand and marketing work left plenty to be desired, the Streak work put me on the path to where I am today.