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Director of Product

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Diego Cruz
Corinne Mucha

The Stage
After the success of the Stop, Breathe & Think for all ages app, there was an opportunity to build a kids proof-of-concept app to coincide with the startup being featured on Planet of the Apps.

Unique Challenges
We had very little time to create and develop the app, so I created a design in one week and handed it off to our developer Diego. I worked with him to rapidly develop the behavior of the app on the fly.

My Role
UX: product strategy, content strategy, key user flows, prototyping, testing

UI: design, copywriting, interactions, art directing engineering

Product Management: set the overall platform strategy, roadmapping, prioritization of work, ticketing, testing, user research and analytics setup

Big Wins
We got it done in time for the show, and received universal praise on the playfulness and content in the app. Work continues now to develop the app further into a complete solution for both consumers and schools!


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