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One Long House
Russell Quinn
Corinne Mucha

The Stage
In 2013, Russell Quinn and myself started working on a proof-of-concept iOS app for a little LA non-profit devoted to teaching teens mindfulness and meditation. In 2016, after growing to millions of downloads and a quarter-million MAUs, that non-profit spun off the Stop, Breathe & Think platform into its own startup. Today, I continue to run the design and product departments while reshaping the product (across many apps) into a much larger program than simple meditations.

Unique Challenges
Without a lot of resources, the intitial app was a simple wizard that helped users check in with themselves and receive a tuned meditation to listen to. Coming back in 2016, it was clear that in order to compete and become profitable, we would need to expand our offer as well as build more tools to help people with specific challenges they were facing. We still do not have a lot of resources, but we are making that shift, and using a chat-based interface to deliver more personalized content and solutions.

My Role
UX: product strategy, content strategy, key user flows, prototyping, testing

UI: design, copywriting, interactions, art directing engineering

Product Management: set the overall platform strategy, roadmapping, prioritization of work, ticketing, testing, user research and analytics setup

Big Wins
The all ages app sustained popularity for over 5 years. We successfully moved from non-profit to startup. Expanded into a native Android app and a specific app for kids.


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