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The Stage
Safari Queue is an app that is wholly used by existing Safari Books Online subscribers to primarily view videos and books offline. Their users are mostly corporate managers and technical staff who want the "Netflix for Learning". A subscription gives you unlimited access to over 35,000 titles.

Unique Challenges
Coming into the project, the iOS app was designed in an idiosynchratic way that was making expansion of the app to more uses than just viewing content from your current library. The experience of the app was claustrophobic and fragile. My task was to refresh the app rapidly and give it room to go in any number of directions while also working to add some of those new features.

Existing Design:


My Role

Strategy: Understanding the long history of the company, current climate, design choices, feature roadmaps, and how to integrate the web site and apps better. Quickly became part of the product leads group that steered the product.

UX: Wireframe and prototype a revamped architecture. Work through new features including Annotations, Topical Browsing, better downloading, a recent titles section and more.

UI: Design, interactions. Produced using Sketch and Zeplin. Also refreshed the app icon.

Customer Support: Using a chat feedback platform, I directly connected with users about their bugs, feature requests, confusion, and kudos. Helped create a direct feedback loop that allowed engineers and other stakeholders to feel integrated into the needs of our audience.

Big Wins

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from existing users. Went from under 3 stars to over 4 stars in the app store. Fewer customer service complaints. Excitement within the internal team. A big win all around!