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Daryl Freier
Shawn Petersen
David Ewald
Maija Klarin
Heather Brown

The Stage
Cinco—my employer at the time—had spent significant efforts working with adidas' advanced technology group to build a running-focused app. This app worked with adidas hardware to train runners in the most effective way for their needs. It went beyond Nike's Further, Faster mantra to be more clinically sound.

Once running was stable, the team expanded their reach into strength and flexibility within the same app. I was part of a team of designers charged with making a completely new interface within a previous system. By the end, I was leading the efforts and designing all screens.

Unique Challenges
adidas had conflicting needs between novice users and enthusiasts. Enthusiasts understand how circuit training works and need more of an overview. Novices get lost in the circuits and need to follow a simple linear progression. We tested and prototyped many solutions while leaning toward novices whenever there was a conflict.

My Role
UX: product strategy, key user flows, wireframing, prototyping, testing

UI: design, interactions, final assets

Big Wins
adidas' decision to envelop the work in a previously released app made it difficult to understand traction and success. Instead the wins were focused on the usability of the key features and ability to retain myriad functionality without overwhelming the novice user.