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One Long House
Cast Iron Coding

The Stage
The Hammer Museum is a 25-year-old art museum located in Westwood, CA. Their endowment and temperament allow them to push boundaries in contemporary art where other Los Angeles institutions can't.

Hammer's web site was showing its age with a proprietary CMS and Flash solution. This, coupled with a special push toward free admission, set the stage for One Long House, myself and Cast Iron Coding to rebuild the site for responsive and media-rich capabilities.

Unique Challenges
Hammer has a multitude of events, shows, classes and collections to be viewed each day. They wanted to be able to promote many things at once and speak to the combined culture a visitor could experience through the juxtaposition of it all. As a museum of visual art, they had more media to view than space to put it in, so the web site could also become a resource for deeper exploration and scholarship.

My Role
UX: stakeholder interviews, card sorting, content strategy, and creating iterative responsive wireframes

UI: initial design options, design expansion and system design, asset creation and hand-off to developers. I also supported the developers throughout development and collaborated in solving tricky spots.

Big Wins
Being able to juxtapose different events with each other to create a sense of energy and exploration. Implementing a timeline where a visitor could see an exhibition from the past and see what else was happening at the same time. Delivering a complex site on time and without any real drama.