Belkin Thunderstorm


Code Monkeys

The Stage
After I had left Cinco to become a freelance UX director, Cinco hired me to drive an app design between Audifi and Belkin. The app would support a physical speaker that had modifiable onboard EQ presets. Sounds simple!

Unique Challenges
Two clients made the project a challenge, as did the need to visualize auditory sound. The project quickly became iterative on the different ways we could visually express the EQ settings. Belkin also had a new brand language that we were trying to maintain throughout.

My Role
UX: wireframing, prototyping

UI: design, interactions, final assets

Big Wins
In the end we came up with a unique arched input slider that coincided with the feeling of the sound spreading and getting bigger. The rings pulsed to the beat and gave the impression of a 21st Century boombox. This was my last skeumorphic designed app, and sometimes I miss it a little.