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One Long House
False Vacuum
Corinne Mucha

The Stage
Tools for Peace is a non-profit educator of mindfulness and meditation for students in California's inner cities. They came to One Long House and myself to take their full curriculum and build a consumer-friendly mindfulness app that could also be used in the classroom. They also had an existing relationship with Corinne Mucha who supplied them with her unique illustration style.

Unique Challenges
The key challenge was creating a way for users to select how they were feeling using a multi-step process and then giving them options for mindfulness exercises that match. It had to be both scientifically correlated and enjoyable to use.

Creating a mindfulness app that is attractive to teens creates a need to be both true to the principles and true to the user. I made sure not to dumb anything down, but I emphasized that the app didn't take itself too seriously.

Money was also a significant challenge, so we prototyped the experience first using web technologies, then used what we learned from testing with students to build the iOS app.

My Role
UX: product strategy, content strategy, key user flows, prototyping, testing

UI: design, copywriting, interactions. Collaborated with False Vacuum to implement the design in development.

Big Wins
The app received attention from the Apple Store in many markets and was a resounding success in terms of efficacy and downloads. People of all ages enjoyed the tone of the app and use of illustration.

An interesting side note: while the app was geared toward a US audience, it is popular worldwide. I would have reconsidered the amount of colloquial copy I used had I known that would be the case.